The HealthieBod Project


An 8 week home workout program + the support, guidance and motivation to help you stay on track and push yourself will have you getting into shape and feeling amazing all from the comfort and convenience of your living room!


The HealthieBod Project starts on the 3rd September

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+ Are you ready to change but no matter what you try, you just can’t stick to a healthy lifestyle  it’s time to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that suits you and your needs

+ Do you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin – receive the guidance you need to achieve maintainable and lasting results

+ Have you felt isolated and alone on your fitness journey and lose motivation quickly – Receive the support and motivation to keep you on track as you embark on your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home.

+ Don’t have the time to do long workouts or the freedom to workout at a particular time that isn’t available to you – Quick and easy to do anywhere, anytime workouts to fit in with your lifestyle.


The HealthieBod Project includes

+ 8 week home training program 

+ Bonus fitness challenges

+ Nutrition tips and ideas plus recipe inspiration

+ Access to an exclusive facebook group connecting with likeminded people

+ Accountability check ins via email and within the facebook group to keep you on track and motivated from a qualified personal trainer.


Register Today –

The HealthieBod Project starts on the 3rd September


Register for The HealthieBod Project for just $199

that is only $3.55 per day which is cheaper than a cup of coffee! 



Within this Foundation Course you will get 6 bonus workouts targetting those trouble zones so many women complain about PLUS technique tutorials. This course will help you get the most out of your HealthieBod experience and build a stronger and fitter YOU!

3 core workouts – to strengthen and slim your waist + 3 glute and leg workouts – to tone, strengthen and shape your butt and legs

You will get access to The HealthieBod Foundation Course from the 23rd August to get you started before the actual project starts on the 3rd September – how great is that!! 





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